Entering 5th grade - Entering 9th grade
Chaverim campers get to experience all of our awesome activities, special instructors, and trips offered at camp, while the staff ensures all of their needs are taken care of, and that they successfully transition to becoming more independent. For many of our campers, this was their first sleep away camp experience, and they still haven't stopped talking about the incredible time that they had!
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Entering 10th grade - Entering 11th grade
Chaverim Masmidim is our oldest division. Chaverim Masmidim are serious about their learning and privileged to have their own special trips, barbecues, onegs, and hands-on activities. Under the direction of Rabbi Yitzchak Scher, they learn a full morning and night seder. In the afternoons, they get to enjoy our incredible programming and camp activities! The learning and activities for Masmidim are absolutely GESHMAK!!!
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