Masmidim Division

Entering 10th grade - Entering 11th grade
Chaverim Masmidim is our oldest division. Chaverim Masmidim are serious about their learning and privileged to have their own special trips, barbecues, onegs, and hands-on activities. Under the direction of Rabbi Yitzchak Scher, they learn a full morning and night seder. In the afternoons, they get to enjoy our incredible programming and camp activities! The learning and activities for Masmidim are absolutely GESHMAK!!!
8:25am-8:50amWakeup and Cocoa club
9:40am-9:55amClean Up
10:10am-12:30pmFirst Seder and Shiur
12:30pm-12:50pmMorning Snack
12:50pm-1:45pmFirst Activity
2:25pm-2:40pmMincha and Announcements
2:40pm-3:30pmRest Period/Canteen/Gameroom
3:30pm-4:15pmSecond Activity
4:15pm-5:10pmThird Activity
5:10pm-5:30pmAfternoon Snack
5:30pm-6:25pmFourth Activity
7:10pm-7:40pmFree Time
7:40pm-8:40pmNight Activity
8:45pm-9:05pmDvar Halachah and Maariv
9:15pm-10:15pmNight Seder
10:15pm-11:15pmNight Laser Tag/Night Canteen/Special Night Swim & Sports
11:15pm-12:00pmCurfew and Lights Out